Standish Shore

Standish Shore

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Grown right next to Island Creek’s oyster leases by Ben Lloyd of Pangea Shellfish, Standish Shores are tumbled multiple times before being planted on the flats of Duxbury Bay, resulting in deep cups and strong shells.

Standish Shore (8 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Not large instead on the shy side

  2. Rating 4

    Very easy to open. Deep cup with briny taste quite enjoyable would get again.

  3. Rating 5

    Thoroughly enjoyed.

  4. Rating 4

    Deep cup, briny

  5. Rating 4

    Wellfleets an Onsets were a little better.

  6. Rating 4

    This is great oyster. I find after the initial brine dissipates a bit you can pick up a delicious subtle mushroom earthiness. It also has a fairly deep cup for an East Coast oyster.

  7. Rating 4

    We get these in pretty often and I like them because they shuck well (good hard shells) and are very consistent in size and shape. Of course they also taste great with a nice balance of brine and meat.

  8. Rating 4

    Excellent, robust oysters, these share many characteristics with other Duxbury oysters, but these are bigger and firmer than most. Savory and meaty. An oyster lover’s oyster.

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