Kumamoto (Washington)

Kumamoto (Washington)

Chapman Cove, Puget Sound   MapOyster bars nearby

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Beach-grown at the very bottom of Puget Sound, these Kumamotos have sturdy, deep-cupped shells, distinctive raised ridges, and often a tell-tale green tinge. Kumos are happy only in Chapman Cove, a remarkably productive lobe of Oakland Bay with firm ground and three freshwater creeks feeding mineralized water into the estuary.

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2 Ratings

  1. D9sus4
    Rating 5

    Tiny, tasty, and thoroughly enjoyable. Creamy, buttery with a mild briny taste and slightly sweet aftertaste. One of my top 5 favorites. I’ll but them any time I find them. These are a different genus than the common Crassostrea gigas, or “Pacific” oyster raised along the west coast. I prefer them plain, with no lemon or sauce.

  2. Sekkyo
    Rating 5

    They can get tiny compared to your larger oyster varieties, but the taste is phenomenal. Very sweet.

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