Winter Pearl

Winter Pearl

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One of the first tide-tumbled oysters on the east coast, and it shows in the deep cups, full meats, and polished shells. Grown using flip bags by Harvey Cataldo of Bluff Hill Cove Oyster Company.

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  1. Rating 5

    These are as good as oysters get. Medium sized, meaty, briny. Just delicious.

  2. Rating 5

    I have had oysters all up and down the East Coast and by far these oysters are the best that I have ever had. Creamy, clean and the perfect combination of brineiness and sweetness. Grown using flip bags by Harvey Cataldo of Bluff Hill Cove Oyster Company.

  3. Rating 5

    One of the best oysters in RI to date. The innovative flip bag technique works well and produces a deep and full cup. My oyster sales have increased with these on our menu at the White Horse Tavern. I just really enjoy the brininess of them.

  4. Rating 5

    These oysters were so fresh and delicious! Great size as well! Meaty, delicious, and by far the BEST oysters I have ever had!

  5. Rating 5

    Unbelievable creamy texture with a low brine. The cup is deep and meaty, as they are tumbled the Winter Pearl is exceptionally clean. The owner, Harvey, is a low-volume producer, kind of like a small Napa Valley winery, and the perfection of his oysters shows in his “hands on” involvement in everything involving the operation

  6. Rating 5

    Very meaty. The heartiest and most savory oyster I have ever had.

  7. Rating 5

    These are by far the best oysters that I have ever eaten!

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