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Tide-tumbled in floating mesh bags, Shigokus develop extremely deep, smooth cups. They are farmed by Taylor Shellfish in two very different bays: WIllapa, near the open Pacific, and Samish, tucked behind the San Juan Islands. Taylor switches harvesting locations as conditions change; flavor will vary accordingly.

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4 Ratings

  1. Carter
    Rating 5

    Perfect oyster to share with friends, even far from the ocean. Thank you Taylor Shellfish! A 12-year old who loves all kinds of seafood reported, “My parents say I was born in the wrong place, too far from the sea,” [slurp] His mother smelled the shucked oyster as if it were a fine wine–more like a fine brine. She smiled brightly, eyes sparkling like the waters of Wilapa Bay. Highly recommended.

  2. belder
    Rating 5

    Fantastic oyster from start to finish. Lovely brine/umami balance and a pleasure to shuck (pop easy and sturdy shells). Deep cup and remarkably consistent shell shape make for a great presentation. I have customers at the oyster bar constantly taking the shell home!

  3. Vieje Piauwasdy
    Rating 5

    This is a perfect oyster farmed by Taylor Shellfish Farms. Perfectly deepest cupped and delicious to the last drop. Everything from the look to the taste is perfect. One of my all time favorites.

  4. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 5

    These are like a luxury you don’t deserve, and you can’t quite figure out why you wound up with them. Highly polished, redolent of watercress and cucumber, salty as all get out, these are 1 percenter oysters for sure. Just don’t tell the 1 percenters.

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