Island Creek

Island Creek

Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts   View on Ocean Map

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The flagship of New England oysters, and the first to be farmed in the Duxbury/Kingston/Plymouth Bay complex where the Pilgrims landed, which has since become a celebrated oyster region. Raised in off-bottom cages and then hand-planted in the shallow tidal flats.

Island Creek (11 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    The reviews above are accurate. I’ve had oysters from all over the country and these island creek oysters take the cake. By far the best oysters I’ve ever had. I was fortunate enough to get island creek jumbos! could only get twenty in the box, some of these oysters were seven long and five inches wide, I mean these were jumbos. We steamed them open and smoked them gently in a natural charcoal smoker. With the above mentioned tastes along with the smoke and with or with out Island Creek’s own sweet reaper hot sauce the results are incredible. These have spoiled me from wanting any other oyster.

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  3. Rating 4.5


  4. Are the Wellfleet oysters bigger? Island Creek has those too.

  5. Rating 4

    Always consistent in taste and texture. Best eaten plain or with a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice. An ice cold Sam Adams Lager or cold crisp Chardonnay or Sancerre wine is awesome to pair with.
    If I have only one thing to say it is about size. And Size matters. I would like to see the average size to be closer to 3 1/4 inches rather than 2 3/4 inches. Its my personal liking and the larger size is easier to work with if say making Rockafellers, Stew or Grilling. The shrink resulting in cooking make the smaller size all but disappear.
    I requested a larger sized with my order but was told its not possible.
    Any Oysteraters out there have any recommendations for a similiar quality oyster as Island Creeks available in the 3 1/4 – 3 1/2 inch size?

  6. Rating 4

    Meaty, briny, no aftertatste

  7. Rating 4

    Briny with well-balanced seaweed flavor at a perfect level of mildness. The first word when I eat Island Creek is always, “ah…” only, then also always the next is, “nnn”.

  8. Rating 4.5

    Sometimes you forget how good Island Creeks are. At a tasting of six top New England oysters, these blew the others away. That lobster-stock finish is profound.

  9. Rating 4

    Great example of a Cape Cod oyster. Briny with the familiar Cape Cod lobster stock savoriness.

  10. Our midden of oyster shell is predominantly Island Creek. Great briny taste, firm meat, strong shell, consistently great quality on the shell or in the stew or under the broiler.

  11. Rating 4

    The quintessential New England oyster. Briny, crisp, firm. The celebrated waters of Duxbury Bay never get warm, and its oysters never get soft. It’s that simple.

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