How to Shuck Oysters

CJ Husk of Island Creek Oysters is the ultimate insider’s insider in the oyster world. He knows the oysters, the players–and he has shucked a damn sizable pile of oysters in his days. Who better to provide Shucking 101 guidance? Here’s how to get...

Abigail Carroll’s Second Act

Great six-minute video about Abigail Carroll’s midlife transition from high-finance Parisian to hip-wader-toting Maine oyster farmer. Abigail is the celebrated owner of Nonesuch Oysters.

Summer 2019 Newsletter

ROC Reserves in the House Real Oyster Cult just launched its flagship oyster, the ROC Reserve, and it’s a beauty. Where most oysters are harvested off the bottom in the fall and sold, these are tumbled, rebagged, and left on the bottom of the bay for an extra winter....