Sweet Sound

Sweet Sound

Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts   View on Ocean Map

Bottom-planted by John Brawley on the eastern (more remote) end of Duxbury Bay and harvested by dredge or, during extreme low tides, by hand-picking.

Sweet Sound (6 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    I was lucky enough to get a big bag of Sweet Sound Oysters right out of the water from John to bring home for Christmas. They were a huge hit! Everyone was raving about how fresh and delicious they tasted. Sweet Sound is the best.

  2. Rating 5

    I have just become acquainted with Sweet Sound and they immediately have gone straight to the top of my list. Without question, the best oysters I have every eaten. The only ones that come close are the ones cultivated by the owners of Casamentos Oyster House in New Orleans.

  3. Rating 4.5

    Sweet Sounds are as sweet a treat as their name makes them sound. Loved being introduced to them and their grower, John Brawley. Lovely match of delicates sweetness, bite, and salt.

  4. Rating 5

    By far the best oysters on the East Coast! Sweet Sound oysters are a staple any time I throw a party or just have a craving for briny amazing raw oysters!

  5. Rating 5

    The best oysters on the east coast, by far. Sweet and tasty!

  6. Rating 4.5

    Duxbury Beach in a shell. Large, ivory meat. Very sweet finish. Full salt. Nice. Like a Wellfleet Reserve stock.

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