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Hard to argue with an oyster raised in Oyster Pond, an ideal salt pond in Chatham, the town at the elbow of the Cape that is also pretty ideal. Chathams are perhaps the most Atlantean of all the Cape oysters.

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  1. Rating 5

    Despite the great reviews here, I just never got around to ordering some Chatham oysters until last week: these were the poster child of a perfect oyster! I use the past tense, because we ate them all very quickly, both on the half shell and grilled with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese: big enough to hold their own and deliver that grand balance of salt which hits a very sweet spot with all their plumpness. Steve has been really great to order from and my little shipment was done in a timely and safe manner. I know what I want for Christmas!

  2. Rating 5

    With the problems in Apalachicola Bay, for the past few years it has been difficult to get good oysters of any size or consistency in Jacksonville, FL. Therefore, I have looked north to satisfy my oyster cravings to find someone who will deliver to Florida and located Chatham Shellfish Company. I have ordered at least four times and the Chatham oysters are phenomenal. Medium/large size, nice salinity, and a crisp finish. Typically, the oysters are delivered within a day or two of being harvested, which is something the local fish markets have not been able to figure out even from local suppliers. Stephen Wright, the general manager of the company, is a pleasure to deal with and I will be ordering again soon.

  3. Rating 5

    Pure Ocean in a shell. This oyster is like getting hit in the face by a wave. It has a firm rich meat and is beautiful to shuck.

  4. Rating 5

    Just received notification from and read some reviews of current opinions from other oyster lovers and saw that I didn’t leave any stars for these Chatham Oysters that are so far my favorite oyster. I just ordered another shipment from Steve, try them, you won’t be disappointed if you like them, briny, medium sized, and a great clean finish. Enjoy.

  5. I am in heaven with these oysters. I have ordered them 3 times now online. Always a dozen of the Golden Gorillas, and 3 dozen of the 3″ ones. Thin shells compared to the oysters we get here from Washington area, but nice and briny. I can’t wait to visit the Chatham Oyster Company in November. Hope to eat them fresh out of the water.

  6. Rating 4.5

    I just tried these this week and have to agree with Rowan. Good sized (largish) oyster with high brine and good clean flavor. They also shuck cleanly albeit with a bit more torque given their size.

  7. Rating 5

    For years, Chathams have been a well-kept secret. Their strong salt is balanced by an amazing clarity of flavor, without the slightest aftertaste. These are like oysters that have reached a certain stage of enlightenment.

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