Thatch Island

Thatch Island

Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod   View on Ocean Map

Highly manicured Cape Cod Bay oysters grown in mesh bags.

Thatch Island (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4.5

    Deep cup, clean. Do oysters gorge before a winter storm? Or maybe it’s the time of year? These plump beauties hit the spot. Enjoyed in central Vt in the evening. The owner at Three Penny Taproom said these Thatch Islands had been harvested at 4:00am that day. Grateful for the oyster farmers and oyster chaperones who make tide-to-table possible. Truly a delight!

  2. Rating 4

    Beautiful (almost unnaturally beautiful) shells with deep cups, sweet and well-rounded flavor.

  3. Rating 4

    These were quite a tasty a month and a half after my initial review. Very salty, and sweet and clean on the finish.

  4. Rating 3.5

    These looked great—very deep and shapely cups for tray-raised oysters, so they were probably tumbled a few times during their growth, which would also account for the beautiful gray and purple shell highlights—and they had a nice, toothy bite. Just a touch sweet, with a bit of a bitter, mustard-greens finish.

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