Thatch Island

Thatch Island

Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod   Locate on Oyster Map

Highly manicured Cape Cod Bay oysters grown in mesh bags.

3 Ratings

  1. Rating 4

    Beautiful (almost unnaturally beautiful) shells with deep cups, sweet and well-rounded flavor.

  2. Rating 4

    These were quite a tasty a month and a half after my initial review. Very salty, and sweet and clean on the finish.

  3. Rating 3.5

    These looked great—very deep and shapely cups for tray-raised oysters, so they were probably tumbled a few times during their growth, which would also account for the beautiful gray and purple shell highlights—and they had a nice, toothy bite. Just a touch sweet, with a bit of a bitter, mustard-greens finish.

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