Blue Pool

Blue Pool

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Aggressively tide-tumbled at the Hama Hama oyster farm on the delta of the Hamma Hamma River. The result: Deep cup, full meat, gentle flavor.

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  1. Rating 4.5

    In June a buddy and I traveled to WA state —up, across, and down Puget Sound , travelling over 500 miles in the process, and visiting 4 oyster farms and processing plants.

    I have to say that speaking “raw”–the best I tasted were the Blue Pools from Hama Hama Co. in Lilliwaup, WA.

    Their grilled Hama Hamas were of course, delicious.

    Tuesday a group of six of us will sample the fare at Kimball House in Decatur, GA which features raw bar oysters from everywhere.

    Same buddy and I are going to Maine to visit Nonesuch Oyster Farm, south of Portland this month. More then.

  2. Rating 5

    Another great NW oyster. Super solid addition to our ever evolving lineup. Real crowd pleaser, has enough salinity to please die hard East Coast oyster lovers. Has been a surprising treat to our guests.

  3. I love these oysters. Absolutely beautiful and delicious. Hard work goes into these and much of the delight comes from just holding such a gem.

  4. Rating 5

    One of my all-time faves. Sleek, sporty shells and spicy-cucumber meats make this one of the great tumbled oysters on the planet.

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