Crab Slough

Crab Slough

Oregon Inlet, Outer Banks, NC   MapOyster bars nearby

Wild oysters from North Carolina’s outer banks, open to harvest only Oct-March. A locally guarded treasure. Almost every one of these will have a tiny “pea crab” living inside the oyster–perfectly edible, if you can catch it.

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  1. Rating 4.5

    Great local Winter specialty to the Outer Banks. Firm, strong shells, generally hearty meat texture, firm and briney. Easy shucking and steaming oyster. Peas crabs a plus for those not wigged out!

  2. Rating 4

    These are a joy to shuck, and a joy to eat–firm, a lovely balance between sweet and salty, with buttery sweetcorn and astringent asparagus notes. There are some nice clammy tannins. They don’t taste unlike a razor clam, actually. Nice strong shells.

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