Crab Slough

Crab Slough

Oregon Inlet, Outer Banks, NC   View on Ocean Map

Wild oysters from North Carolina’s outer banks, open to harvest only Oct-March. A locally guarded treasure. Almost every one of these will have a tiny “pea crab” living inside the oyster–perfectly edible, if you can catch it.

Crab Slough (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 3.5

    I had these over the past winter and found them to be very good with good salinity and a clean taste. As noted many have pea crabs hence the name.

  2. Rating 4.5

    Great local Winter specialty to the Outer Banks. Firm, strong shells, generally hearty meat texture, firm and briney. Easy shucking and steaming oyster. Peas crabs a plus for those not wigged out!

  3. Rating 4

    These are a joy to shuck, and a joy to eat–firm, a lovely balance between sweet and salty, with buttery sweetcorn and astringent asparagus notes. There are some nice clammy tannins. They don’t taste unlike a razor clam, actually. Nice strong shells.

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