Moon Shoal

Moon Shoal

Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod   MapOyster bars nearby

Grown in off-bottom trays by Jon Martin and finished in the shallow flats of Barnstable Harbor. A boutique operation that grows oysters at unusually low density means that each has plenty of room to feed, grow, and cup up.

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2 Ratings

  1. James
    Rating 4.5

    Very unique oyster grown by firefighters who moonlight as oyster farmers. It’s buttery, creamy and briny with a very hearty texture. The growers have the odd flavor description of

    “It’s like a Ritz cracker dipped in milk.”

    Rowan Jacobson, describes the flavor as,

    “Chicken stock in the summer, lobster bisque in the fall.”

    I would say it’s like a ritz cracker dipped in chicken noodle soup. It’s a boutique oysters only available through Island Creek. The Moon Shoal is definitely worth a try.

  2. BBQGuy
    Rating 5

    Big briny blast with buttery notes & texture! Superb!!!

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