Moon Shoal

Moon Shoal

Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod   MapOyster bars nearby

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Grown in off-bottom trays by Jon Martin and finished in the shallow flats of Barnstable Harbor. A boutique operation that grows oysters at unusually low density means that each has plenty of room to feed, grow, and cup up.

4 Ratings

  1. It’s like a Ritz cracker dipped in butter, rolled in coke, fried in lobster fat, then submerged in a chicken-noodle demi-glace and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. These things are good.

  2. Rating 3.5

    An interesting oyster with good brine. Not quite buying the creative flavor characterizations, and the ones I had at Bull and Beggar in Asheville NC weren’t very big. But good.

  3. Rating 4.5

    Very unique oyster grown by firefighters who moonlight as oyster farmers. It’s buttery, creamy and briny with a very hearty texture. The growers have the odd flavor description of

    “It’s like a Ritz cracker dipped in milk.”

    Rowan Jacobson, describes the flavor as,

    “Chicken stock in the summer, lobster bisque in the fall.”

    I would say it’s like a ritz cracker dipped in chicken noodle soup. It’s a boutique oysters only available through Island Creek. The Moon Shoal is definitely worth a try.

  4. Rating 5

    Big briny blast with buttery notes & texture! Superb!!!

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