Salutation Cove

Salutation Cove

Salutation Cove, PEI   MapOyster bars nearby

Wild-set oysters from PEI’s best region, planted on classic PEI hard-packed red clay bottom and hand-tonged after 3-4 years.

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  1. Rating 4

    I had these medium sized oysters in Narragansett, RI. They were very flavorful and had an excellent brine which I enjoy. I would definitely order these again.

  2. Rating 3.5

    I received these along with Malpeques as my intro to PEI oysters. I thought they had a great flavor and a nice brine to them. Like the Malpeques, they finish nice and clean. Ill have to dig in deeper to this region, as I have liked everything Ive tried from there thus far.

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