Gooseberry Bay

Gooseberry Bay

Malpeque Bay, PEI   Map it!

Premium Malpeque oysters, grown out in bags and graded for ideal size and shape.

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3 Ratings

  1. Oyster Muggle
    Rating 3

    Meaty, salty and oceany. Not quite as sweet as the name had me thinking. Firm flesh.

  2. Carter
    Rating 4

    Tasty session oyster of avg size and salt, complete as-is or with a few drops lemon, or champagne vinegar granita at Shaw’s oyster bar, Chicago

  3. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 3.5

    Had these in February in Montreal–a notoriously tough time for Maritime oysters. They were excellent–lots of rich, brothy umami depth, and pretty firm. I’m skeptical of the existence of an actual Gooseberry Bay on PEI–this is the same island that has named its oysters Raspberry Point and Blackberry Point–but the oysters speak for themselves.

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