Misty Point

Misty Point

Smith Island, Virginia   MapOyster bars nearby

The flagship oyster of Ballard Fish & Oyster Co., Misty Points are remarkably salty and strong-shelled for a Midatlantic oyster. Grown in the barrier islands at the bottom tip of Virginia’s Eastern Shore in off-bottom trays, and tumbled to deepen the cups and increase shell strength.

4 Ratings

  1. Rating 3.5

    While a good oyster and pretty much standard for Eastern Shore of VA, I thought they lacked the salinity I expected from seaside farm raised. Cocktail sized and shells were a little brittle. Good favor.

    • Ok, 1,000 pardons. I mixed up the misty points and watch house in my review (sorry I had 4 types going at once). They were really good, hard shelled and great salinity! Definitely getting Ballard’s flagship oysters again.

  2. Rating 3

    Not salty enough for my taste.

  3. Rating 5

    These salty seasides are among the finest, consistently fat with a classic deep cup that makes for great baked oysters.

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