Chincoteague Salt

Chincoteague Salt

Assateague Channel, Virginia   MapOyster bars nearby

Famed salt bombs from the ocean side of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Now farmed in off-bottom cages.

4 Ratings

  1. Rating 4.5

    Funny, I didn’t find these as briny as reported. A little steaky, a little brine, and a little kelp – kind of the just-right bowl of porridge on the platter.

  2. Rating 5

    Had these at an oyster bar in Bethany beach. Great if you like them briny.

  3. Rating 4

    Darn tasty, and thank you Virginia growers. Brine like this deserves a deep cup and gets one with these beauts. I enjoyed them thanks to the hospitable staff at Pearl Dive oyster bar on 14th NW in DC.

    • Loved Pearl Dive Oyster Bar…first time having my oysters dressed with the delicious vinegars!

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