Chincoteague Salt

Chincoteague Salt

Assateague Channel, Virginia   View on Ocean Map

Famed salt bombs from the ocean side of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Now farmed in off-bottom cages.

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  1. Rating 4

    The salt blast is for real. You get a real taste of an Atlantic-side bay with these. Goes perfect with a beer. I always find myself craving one of these at any oyster bar. Admiring the rugged shells is also nice after slurping them down.

  2. Rating 4.5

    My ‘go to’ oyster. Tons of brine. Inexpensive and easy to come by. Even more fun when you harvest yourself from Tom’s Cove… just stay out of the private beds.

  3. Rating 4.5

    Funny, I didn’t find these as briny as reported. A little steaky, a little brine, and a little kelp – kind of the just-right bowl of porridge on the platter.

  4. Rating 5

    Had these at an oyster bar in Bethany beach. Great if you like them briny.

  5. Rating 4

    Darn tasty, and thank you Virginia growers. Brine like this deserves a deep cup and gets one with these beauts. I enjoyed them thanks to the hospitable staff at Pearl Dive oyster bar on 14th NW in DC.

    • Loved Pearl Dive Oyster Bar…first time having my oysters dressed with the delicious vinegars!

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