Hama Hama

Hama Hama

Hood Canal, Washington   View on Ocean Map

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Beach-grown on the picture-perfect flats where the Hamma Hamma River spreads cobble from the yearly floods into the Hood Canal fjord to produce a firm-packed delta ideal for oyster production. There are several million Hama Hama oysters on the delta at any one time, harvested during low tide, as the Hama Hama oyster company has been doing for decades.

Hama Hama (6 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4.5

    Medium, good chew, strong shells, crisp, clean brine, like lawnmower grass clippings

  2. Rating 4

    After having previous experience only with eastern varieties, I enjoyed a sampling of the best WA varieties on a recent trip to Seattle. The standout for me (as well as the others our table, a mix of east- and west-coasters) was the Hama Hama. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the others, but the Hama Hama was certainly the best in our opinion. It was pleasantly different from the eastern varieties I’ve come to love but still had enough brine to keep me interested.

  3. Rating 4.5

    These oysters receive great ratings for a multitude of reasons. However, it is the amazing shell and the ease of shuck-ability (right?) that trends these oysters to the top of my list. Real crowd pleasers, and a true expression of a Pacific NW bivalve.

  4. Rating 5

    My go-to favorite. When I taste a Pacific oyster, this is what I compare it to.

  5. Rating 4.5

    I love the bold character of this oyster, finishing with a mild briny aftertaste and touch of minerality

  6. Rating 4

    Everything a Pacific oyster should be: Clean, crispy, powerful, and versatile: Great on the half shell, the grill, or the chowder pot. The salt and green flavors are just right–full, but not overpowering. Note the strong shells, indicative of the life fully lived on a pristine river delta of strong currents. You’re getting a lot of the Pacific Northwest in a shell with this one.

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