Hood Canal

Hood Canal

Hood Canal, Washington   View on Ocean Map

Oysters labeled Hood Canal could come from anywhere along the fjord, but are likely to be beach-grown, with strong, curved, green-brown shells.

Hood Canal (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Very plump oyster encompassing nearly the entire smallish shell. Low salinity but very creamy and buttery. Nice to have when mixed with high brine varieties.

  2. Rating 1

    Very mild oysters with melon rind flavors. Almost no salinity or brine of any sort. Nice creaminess, but all in all, too mild for want to order again. I actually needed to add condiments to finish the plate, which is extraordinarily rare.

  3. Rating 4

    Size: medium-large

    Sweet: 7 sweetness of sea lettuce/ cucumber brine

    Mild: 6 creamy and full bodied

    Briny: 3 briny seas on the back end. Gentle sail

    Bold: 3 not aggressive but well balanced, light metallic back end with a soft brine

    Well balanced. Clean and easy from start to finish. Combination of sweetness at the start.. followed by a large creamy center with a soft and sweet brine on the back end.

  4. Rating 3

    Medium/Large, creamy.

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