Pickle Point

Pickle Point

New London Bay, PEI   View on Ocean Map

Cage-grown in shallow water near the shoreline, these develop green shells like their neighboring Lucky Limes. Sunk in deeper water in winter and harvested by cutting through the ice with chain saws.

Pickle Point (3 Ratings)

  1. Delicious. Beautiful clear oyster. I had these with Irish Points and they were slightly larger. Nice brine and rich tasting umami flavor.

  2. Rating 3.5

    Average. Clean shell, firm meat, and slightly briny.

  3. Rating 4

    These were superb at the Boite aux Huitres shop in Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market in January. The cups were not deep, but the shape was nice, the meats were firm, and the flavor was extraordinary: Sweet and herbal up front, with hints of Pernod, and incredibly rich on the finish, with tons of umami. I was surprised, and so was the shucker. “They’re not usually this good!” he said. Worth seeking out.

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