Lucky Lime

Lucky Lime

New London Bay, PEI   View on Ocean Map

Bag-grown at a site in New London Bay having strong algae growth that turns the oyster shells bright green and contributes a depth of flavor to the oysters.

Lucky Lime (5 Ratings)

  1. What is your #1 fav on PEI?

  2. Rating 4

    Really enjoy these, but would not agree that the shells were green (not the ones I had at Legal Seafoods, anyway). Nice citrus flavor, good body, briny finish. One of my favorites at the moment

  3. Rating 5

    My #2 favourite P.E.I. oyster!!

  4. Rating 3.5

    We always enjoy Lucky Limes. Easily recognizable, not too salty, and a good oyster for introducing to novices.

  5. Rating 3

    Very pretty, with moss-green shells and that perfect paisley shape. Simple briny flavor, like chicken stock lite.

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