Hog Island Sweetwater

Hog Island Sweetwater

Tomales Bay, California   View on Ocean Map

Rack-and-bag oysters raised in the ultra-briny waters of Tomales Bay.

Hog Island Sweetwater (6 Ratings)

  1. Rating 3.5

    Ok…but a but metallic on the finish for me

  2. Rating 5

    Great combination of sweet and briny.
    Nice size

  3. Rating 5

    Beloved by locals and an amazement to tourists. The Hog Island Sweetwater, is at the pinnacle of what West Coast oysters have to offer. It has a beautiful texture and a great balance of sweet and salty characteristics. Not liking this oyster means you don’t like oysters.

  4. Rating 5

    I enjoyed a lovely dozen one morning last summer. Salty and scallop sweet is a great profile. I would add creamy sweet full flavored. They are the best from the West. The staff was super proud and friendly. Great venue also!

  5. Rating 5

    Salty and sweet, an appealing shell striping, pronounced cup, and easy-to-use hinge for shucking. First-time shuckers can gain confidence with Hog Island’s Sweetwaters. I enjoyed these at the Marshall, CA farm/restaurant on the shore of Tomales Bay. A lasting brine finish, then a wash of stout beer. Ahh. I recommended a drizzling of the ‘hog wash‘ mignonette if you like to cut the salt and bring out more sweetness, mild cucumber. Great salt!

  6. Rating 4.5

    The definitive California oyster, always marine-salty and scallop-sweet. Beautiful, too.

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