Watch House Point

Watch House Point

Chesapeake Bay   View on Ocean Map

Rack-and-bag grown near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

Watch House Point (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Snagged a box from Harris Teeter for $55/100. Really enjoyed them. Good size not too big not to small. Came pretty muddy so needed a scrub down. Great salt flavor! I’d grab a box again for sure.

  2. Rating 4

    I had these along with two other Eastern Shore of VA oysters (Misty Point, and salts from Southbay, VA). These are farm raisedand were harvested from Westerhouse Creek, VA (bayside). I found the Watch House Points to be the best. Above average salinity, consistent size and cupping with good meaty flavor. Our Harris Teeter runs them on sale $44-49 100ct.

  3. Rating 3

    The ones I had at Pig and Pearl (Atlanta) were kind of limp and not very tasty. $1.75ea

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