Sea Cow

Sea Cow

Hammersley Inlet, Puget Sound   MapOyster bars nearby

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Tide-tumbled by the James gang of Hama Hama oyster fame, but in a completely different body of water from their tumbled Blue Pools, resulting in a sweeter, creamier, less tannic oyster.

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5 Ratings

  1. oysterlover
    Rating 5

    Love these ones!!!

  2. Kari Harlan Knofel
    Rating 5

    Have really enjoyed eating these at Westward in Seattle. Fresh, clean flavor.

  3. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 4

    Tasted again at Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago. Very nice oysters. Mild, rich, and herbal, like cream of cucumber soup.

  4. belder

    Had these on the card last week and they were a hit. Very small, but packed with flavor! Wonderful Pacific oyster that got some of my East Coast snobs talking!

  5. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 4

    Crazy sweet. CRAZY sweet. Like some sort of earthy/salty Japanese mochi dessert. Adorable, too. Manga oysters, all around.

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