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A relatively new oyster from a relatively old hand: 5th-generation farmer Tom Bloomfield. Capitals are tide-tumbled to a beautiful shape and polish, with the full flavor you’d expect from southern Puget Sound.

3 Ratings

  1. Rating 4

    Delicate and sweet. Yum!

  2. Rating 5

    Wonderful oyster and great people producing them. Had the opportunity to work/shuck with them in Boston recently! Shipped direct to the restaurant (we are on the East coast) next day and are as fresh or fresher than anything local. Beautiful deep cups with nice meat and balanced classic West coast flavor of cucumber and melon and good brine!

  3. Rating 5

    Saltier than expected. Just a notch below chunu. Extremely good oyster. Creamy and salt with a strong grassy, celery finish. I believe I caught a brief hint of cucumber at the end. Deep cups

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