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Big, strong, briny oysters bottom-planted in the marine clay of Maine’s Damariscotta River, then purged after harvest in Clark’s Cove, near the mouth of the river, for maximum brine. Harvested at 3-4 years.

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8 Ratings

  1. Erin
    Rating 3.5

    Medium brine and a touch metallic, also some cucumber. Came off as slightly westie (in late January).

  2. Oyster Ninja
    Rating 3.5

    Very run of the mill go to type Maine oyster, Medium brine in relation to other MAINE oysters.Nice light sweet flavor, super easy to shuck. Very becoming when serving reluctant consumers.

  3. Dai Saito
    Rating 3.5

    Pemaquid has moderate level of salinity with good texture. A hint of seaweed also adds some lovely flavor.

  4. Shucker Jim
    Rating 4.5

    Nearly a perfect oyster; ample cup size but not too large; briny; clean.

  5. Paul Oberhauser
    Rating 4

    Nice plump oyster with great brine. A little creamy.

  6. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 4.5

    I’ll second that, and glad you brought up the shuckability. A very important factor, often overlooked by those who don’t have to deal with that part of it. Pemaquids are somehow able to keep both shell and meat quality at a consistently very high level, and they’ve done it for many years. At the Boston Seafood Show today, in fact, several of us were singing their praises.

  7. belder
    Rating 4.5

    I agree completely. We often have Pems and Wileys on the bar and they are very similar in flavor with the Pems being a bit larger. Very consistent oyster in terms of size, flavor and easy of shucking!

  8. Northeaster
    Rating 4.5

    Great briny oyster, sort of sparkles with crisp taste. A poster boy for a New England oyster.

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