Dodge Cove

Dodge Cove

Damariscotta River, Maine   View on Ocean Map

Flagship oyster of Tonie Simmons, the queen of Maine aquaculture (and seed source for many beloved East Coast oyster brands). Grown in suspended culture and bottom-finished just south of Hog Island, in the best part of Maine’s best river for oystering.

Dodge Cove (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 2

    Good general oyster experience but not a stand-out.

  2. Rating 4

    Beautiful shell, nice deep cup. Good sized meat, briny and sharp. Very nice.

  3. Rating 4

    Loved the size, firmness & moderately salty taste.

  4. Rating 4.5

    Plump, firm, clean, mild, deep cup, medium salt. Lovely shell. Found at Harbor Fish Market in Portland, ME. Great find.

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