ROC Reserve

ROC Reserve

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The flagship oyster from Rob Knecht and Sims McCormick of Real Oyster Cult. Like most Duxbury oysters, these are grown in upwellers and floating bags until big enough to set free on the bottom of Duxbury Bay. But where most oysters are harvested off the bottom in the fall and sold, these are tumbled, rebagged, and left on the bottom of the bay for the entire winter. The following spring, they are pulled up, tumbled again, and then planted free on the bay bottom until ready for harvest. This extra year of slow growth gives them beautiful, scalloped shells, deep cups, and more body, compared to young, leggy oysters that reach maturity quickly.

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  1. Rating 4

    Fantastic to see these on the market now. It’s increasingly rare to find an oyster that’s slow-grown and bottom-planted like this. The difference in shell strength and cup quality is immediately apparent. The flavor, too, is excellent: Full Duxbury brine, with a smoky/fatty mortadella finish. Highly recommended.

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