Malpeque Bay, PEI   Map it!

PEI’s most famous oyster, grown wild in Malpeque Bay and harvested by hand-tonging out of small skiffs. Malpeques come in two grades: Choice and Standard. Choice have well-shaped, deep-cupped shells; standards are more curved and shallow.

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5 Ratings

  1. Craig Brown
    Rating 3

    Saving my rating

  2. Jennifer Jamieson Bortle
    Rating 4.5

    8 out of 10! Small, crisp, mild. Easy to nom!

  3. Alexander Place
    Rating 4


  4. bornintexas
    Rating 2.5

    Got a sack of these a few days ago, they were nice and clean, briney but not pucker your face salty. Pretty simple flavor and easy going. I will say, they were a very easy shuck, which should be worth some points eh!

  5. Rowan Jacobsen
    Rating 2

    These have disappointed me soooooo many times over the past few years that I’ve kind of given up. Better to look for particular brands or growers from PEI.

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