Raspberry Point

Raspberry Point

New London Bay, PEI   View on Ocean Map

Flagship oyster of the Raspberry Point oyster company, grown in cages that roll with the tides, resulting in deep cups and full meats.

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  1. Rating 5

    One of my fav to eat and shuck

  2. Rating 5

    Had these at the Borgata. Pricey but worth it! new fave!

  3. Rating 5

    PEI oysters are so clean and crisp! Raspberry points are meaty, clear and have just enough brine. A perfect specimen!

  4. Rating 4.5

    Tried this for an early Valentine’s Day treat and they were absolutely delicious! Easy to shuck, nice brine and a delicious flavor. We will definitely stay on the lookout for these and enjoy often.

  5. Rating 4.5

    Another TOP FIVE pick for me for best P.E.I. oysters!

  6. Rating 4.5

    I had a dozen to bring in the new year! they were excellent – fresh and well balanced. These are my new favorites right behind Rip Tides!

  7. Rating 5

    Currently my favorite east coast oyster. Briny and bright with a little sweet finish. Firm meat and clean deep cupped shells.

  8. Rating 5

    Mild, well balanced. We considered ordering 100 shipped to our home while we were eating them on vacation.

  9. Rating 4

    Very nice brine up front with a sweetness on the back.

  10. Rating 4

    Favorite out of a bundle of East Coast oysters at Blue Coast in Bethany Beach, DE.

  11. Rating 4

    Perfect blend of salt and sweet, with a firm crunch owing to its slow development and cold waters.

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