Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts   Map it!

Farmed in off-bottom cages near the RI-MA border

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8 Ratings

  1. Kati Peditto
    Rating 3

    Medium, lots of mineral and brine

  2. Jim Soj
    Rating 4

    Very good. Wellfleets and Onsets were a lttle better.

  3. Northeaster
    Rating 4

    We tried some Riptide last night at our happy hour oyster bar but my share was on the scrawnier side, good flavor and briny but not a fair test for me. My companions were plumper and she thought they were really fine.

  4. MassCoyote
    Rating 4

    Medium to large, excellent

  5. lightning
    Rating 5

    I’ve tried these oysters a few times. The flavor is great. They are a good looking oyster too.

  6. bornintexas

    It wasnt direct, I got them through Cape Cod Shellfish & Seafood Co out of Boston. Do try them, and let us know what you think.

  7. Northeaster

    Sound like a very nice oyster, did you buy direct? If so, do they have a website? Thanks.

  8. bornintexas
    Rating 4

    Wow. I love this oyster. Did a little bit of research and came across this farm as a potential “I want to try” option. Had a 100ct come in yesterday, and they were just what I like. Brine but not kick you in the mouth salty, clean, crisp, good mild flavor. I liked them alot, kudos to the couple that are growing these oysters.

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