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Farmed in off-bottom cages near the RI-MA border

Riptide (10 Ratings)

  1. Rating 2.5

    Tried 14 oysters yesterday Riptide was rated number 7 ahead of Rincon de Ballenas, Damariscotta, Kaipara.

    Try Blue Pool from hood canal washington, Chincoteague, Copps Island, and Coromandel bay nz

  2. Rating 1.5

    A “dirty”-tasting type of oyster (like panfish in the fish kingdom). With salty black olive flavor up front and aftertaste almost resembling brussel sprouts later. More salty than briny. Might have tried these at a bad time of year (August) or bad distributor/handling. Fairly-strong shells, flavor is all over the map. But still falls back on salty black olive it seems. Not a sweet one generally, but you might get few sweet ones out of every dozen, but expect salty and bitter — and slightly rotten even.

  3. Rating 3

    Medium, lots of mineral and brine

  4. Rating 4

    Very good. Wellfleets and Onsets were a lttle better.

  5. Rating 4

    We tried some Riptide last night at our happy hour oyster bar but my share was on the scrawnier side, good flavor and briny but not a fair test for me. My companions were plumper and she thought they were really fine.

  6. Rating 4

    Medium to large, excellent

  7. Rating 5

    I’ve tried these oysters a few times. The flavor is great. They are a good looking oyster too.

  8. It wasnt direct, I got them through Cape Cod Shellfish & Seafood Co out of Boston. Do try them, and let us know what you think.

  9. Sound like a very nice oyster, did you buy direct? If so, do they have a website? Thanks.

  10. Rating 4

    Wow. I love this oyster. Did a little bit of research and came across this farm as a potential “I want to try” option. Had a 100ct come in yesterday, and they were just what I like. Brine but not kick you in the mouth salty, clean, crisp, good mild flavor. I liked them alot, kudos to the couple that are growing these oysters.

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