Olde Salt

Olde Salt

Chincoteague Bay, Virginia   View on Ocean Map

Grown in off-bottom trays in the salty seas of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, the famed stomping grounds of Chincoteague Salts.

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  1. Rating 3

    Nice size, good taste of salt, not brimry…

  2. The Olde Salts being grown now by Rappahannock Oyster Co. are fantastic – meaty, and yes – as the name suggests – salty (but deliciously so). Pared with a nice Kolsch, this is a terrific oyster experience.

  3. Rating 1

    Didn’t care for these at all. If I wanted to taste salt I’d lick a salt shaker. Ha! Salt flavor overpowered the taste of the oyster itself.

  4. Rating 4

    Intensely salty little oysters. These scream out for a cold lager and a beachside terrace.

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