Olde Salt

Olde Salt

Chincoteague Bay, Virginia   View on Ocean Map

Grown in off-bottom trays in the salty seas of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, the famed stomping grounds of Chincoteague Salts.

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  1. Rating 5

    Historic oysters. Love these rare shuckers.

  2. I love these oysters, they really live up to their name! Very salty, great flavor, meaty and decently sized. I eat these raw all day long but I love a salty oyster.

  3. Rating 5

    Again Y’all I love these! But I’m a salt LoVeR! The saltiest oyster in America is in Baja California, I’ve been dying to try! But glad I found these, not only does this company provide old salts, the Also have a mild GREAT Mild Oysters for beginners & a mild sweet oyster with a clean finish!
    ALL OF WHICH ARE AMAZING. Surprised to see other oyster lovers don’t comment more- you should! During my research the company of olde salts are amazing eco friendly farmers and They know how much these filter feeders effect our eco-system.
    Quote from article I found and btw- I checked the stats @ NYTimes and travel & Leisure!
    “Anxious to get not just oysters but the message of aquaculture out to the general public, we opened a “tasting room” at our Rappahannock oyster farm in Topping, Virginia, in July of 2011 called Merroir. This was soon followed by an oyster bar in Washington, DC, in Sept. of 2012 called Rappahannock Oyster Bar. Both oyster bars have been ranked among the best in the country by Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Thrillist, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.”
    So this Oyster Co. has several Oyster bars to date open in 2020! East & West Coast!
    My thoughts:
    They were on the Gulf Coast farming oyster wagon way before it was “trendy”
    (heck they May been the inspiration behind the “BOOM” in the Newest type of farmed “Tripolid” oyster In the region. (I believe but don’t quote me on this) All began 6years ago in Alabama and Louisiana! The “Tripolid” is year round harvested farmed gulf coast oyster.
    These Olde Salts are more than Salty….. they have incredible (multi-generation) farmers operating this company and these oysters have a story tell- just like any old salty fisherman could.
    When I think about it; the name olde salt suits them… they come from a lost established company.
    MOST IMPORTANT they are old-er when it comes to the rapidly changing farmed gulf oyster industry! They re-built a company dating back to civil war.
    I truly believe they made a huge impact to this region of shellfish farming- by encouraging , influencing and inspiring what I consider an long overdue “ECO-FRIENDLY- & Sustainable farming of the Gulf Coast Oyster”
    THANKS for having these sliding across my local oyster bar!
    (This rant comes from me never eating an oyster b4 checking the areas water quality reports & company/ background research.
    [It’s a must do- having auto-immune disorder & being an oyster lover.]) BONUS: it makes eating the oyster more than ”just tasty“!!!
    Example: After learning another one of my fav. Oysters from Nova Scotia is retrieved after using a chainsaw to cut through 6 feet of ice, so us oyster eaters can enjoy this amazing cold water oyster!
    How could u not appreciate the farmers diligence, hard work and clearly obvious passion. Factor in the oysters history! It’s no longer “just tasty” it’s a “TASTY EXPERIENCE”!
    I highly recommend it.

  4. Rating 5

    I LOVE SALTY! These are my JAM! More PLEASE!

  5. Rating 3

    Wow, that’s salty! If you drink the liquor off first it’s not as salty. It’s good and meaty, but it is salty.

  6. Rating 3

    Nice size, good taste of salt, not brimry…

  7. The Olde Salts being grown now by Rappahannock Oyster Co. are fantastic – meaty, and yes – as the name suggests – salty (but deliciously so). Pared with a nice Kolsch, this is a terrific oyster experience.

  8. Rating 1

    Didn’t care for these at all. If I wanted to taste salt I’d lick a salt shaker. Ha! Salt flavor overpowered the taste of the oyster itself.

  9. Rating 4

    Intensely salty little oysters. These scream out for a cold lager and a beachside terrace.

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