North Haven

North Haven

North Haven Island, Maine   View on Ocean Map

Raised by Adam Campbell in Heidi’s Pond, an old mill pond in pristine Pulpit Harbor, on the sparsely populated island of North Haven, 12 miles off the Maine coast. The natural saltpond was seemingly designed as the perfect oyster farm. The oysters are begun in bags and then hand-planted on the hard clay bottom of the pond, then harvested by divers after 3-4 years. Very briny except when recent rains have come to North Haven.

North Haven (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 2.5

    These are ok. I find them to have little brine in relation other Maine oysters. Very mild creamy meat with little flavor or finish. Great shuckers. I look forward to seeing an order of a dozen of these when i’m in the weeds.

  2. Rating 4

    We had some of these lovelies two years ago at a Rockland, Maine restaurant and were very happy with them. I also bought some at Jess’s Fish Market in Rockland along with some Westkeag oysters from just down the road in So. Thomaston. They have some great oysters in Maine waters!

  3. Rating 5

    Very nice oyster with great brine and sweet finish. Lovely green hue to the shells as well, and they shuck cleanly. I generally prefer larger oysters but these are really nice in a small package!

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