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Ichabod Flat

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Meaty intertidal oyster from the famed mudflats of Plymouth, the same body of water that produces Rocky Nook, Duxbury, Standish Shore, and Island Creek.

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  1. Rating 3.5

    A decent oyster by Northeastern standards, not the best, not the worst. Had them many times around New England as they are a prominent year-round oyster.

    (3.5/5) This rating is based on a meal at Row34 (owned by Island Creek) in Boston in March. A med/large sized, briny oyster, they have a very clean taste as do most decent Northeastern oysters. They have a medium firmness within the spectrum of the more-firm Northeastern oyster. Beyond their clean brine, there’s not much else going on in terms of flavor, which I think would make them a bit uninteresting to a more experienced oyster aficionado.

  2. Rating 4

    Classic Cape Cod Bay oyster profile: Briny, buttery, and rich, like seafood bisque. Really good. Nice size and shell shape. Eaten at Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago.

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