Rocky Nook

Rocky Nook

Kingston Bay, Massachusetts   View on Ocean Map

Rocky Nooks are farmed just across Duxbury Bay from Island Creeks, but because they are tucked into the inner part of the bay, near the Jones River, they receive more freshwater influence and have a less briny flavor. They are bottom-planted on the flats and hand-harvested at low tide.

Rocky Nook (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Great minerality with medium salinity. Lacking a bit of a meaty or fruity quality but that’s traded with a very pleasant clean taste. Very inoffensive and a crowd pleaser

  2. Rating 5

    Some of my favorites, strong mineral tones, earthy. Mid to low salt, just enough to bring everything out!

  3. Rating 4

    Very nice oyster with medium brine, and mid to larger sized meat. Enjoyed some today and will eat them whenever I can find them!

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