Copps Island

Copps Island

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The finest of Bluepoints, harvested by the Bloom family for generations from the crisp waters around Copps Island, Connecticut.

Copps Island (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Very plump and not too salty. Good finish

  2. Rating 4

    Very juicy, medium brine, slight metallic finish.
    These were refreshing as at this time of year I am weary of the oysters here in VA.

  3. Rating 4

    One of the meatier oysters from southern New England. A very clean taste with some iron/mineral finish, but not off-putting. They can be flatter and larger than their LI or RI neighbors, and they definitely are not dainty like pond raised oysters. A great choice especially close to the source.

  4. Rating 4.5

    The epitome of Long Island Sound, bold, briny, and very meaty, with a bracing iron finish. Note the “bellybutton” near the hinge of the oyster–you often see this on these, something they share with deepwater Wellfleets. Not sure what it is. Anyone know?

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