Fishers Island

Fishers Island

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One of the first of the boutique East Coast oyster farms, and the most unique. Sarah and Steve Malinowski spawn their own broodstock each year from the previous year’s stars, meaning their current oysters are twelfth-generation Fishers Island natives–a genetic line uniquely adapted to the island conditions. Also unique, the oysters are grown in five-tiered lantern nets suspended from the surface of West Harbor. This is as oceanic an environment as any oyster in the Northeast, and it comes through in the pure marine brine.

Fishers Island (7 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Fishers Island oysters are consistently superior. The shells are clean, have deep cups, are easy to shuck with the perfect brininess.

  2. Rating 4.5

    Delicious at an oyster bar but for home shuckers, they all seem to have that little pink pea crab that grosses me out.

  3. Rating 5

    My favorite oyster by far. Pristine. Atlantic salty. Perfect size. Excellent, supple meats. I like that they are matured by the sometimes cold, violent, and fast running tides of Fishers Island Sound. You can always tell a Fishers Island Oyster by the salty freshness of it. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is painted on a sea wall not far from where they are harvested, and it’s appropriate. Oceanic, natural goodness, an eternal connection. There’s a purity to it. You just trust in its purity. It tastes like what an oyster should taste like.

  4. Rating 4.5

    It has been a few years since I ordered some Fisher Island Oysters, mainly because they were not really setup for retail shipped orders. Now they are and the oysters we enjoyed this week were wonderful: nice brine and a lovely soft finish. I gave a few dozen to a former chef who I saw this morning and he loved them. I had numerous on shell, grilled, with poached eggs and the last of them will be tonight’s oyster stew. Because of impending bad weather, Sarah expedited shipping which got the lovelies to my home overnight, very nicely done!

  5. Rating 4.5

    Yes! Found at the Pearl Dive oyster bar, DC. Good time of year to kiss the ocean. I like the “average” size, salt, and scalloped shell. Long live marine calcifiers!

  6. Rating 4.5

    Agreed. Lantern Nets + Block Island Sound water = stunning, salty oysters with a pure sea flavor and ultra-clean, short finish. The other unique thing is the nursery pond on the ocean side of the island: It’s fresh, but every moon tide the Atlantic spills over the top and keeps it brackish. Grows great oyster seed. FYI, they are now online orders.

  7. Rating 4.5

    The unique growing method for Long Island Sound oyster makes it quite different than others from the area. Strong brininess and always brimming with liquor. Plus, Pete Malinowski is making oyster restoration big with the Harbor School in NYC, which is great 😉

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