Chelsea Gem

Chelsea Gem

Eld Inlet, Puget Sound   MapOyster bars nearby

The original tide-tumbled oyster. Perfect, manicured shape and mild flavor due to constant tidal action.

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  1. Rating 4

    Real nice shell. Mid-size, tumbled plump, mild and creamy. I tried plain and ended up mixing that creaminess with a touch of cocktail sauce and horseradish, then back to raw, and back again, at Shaw’s oyster bar, Chicago

  2. Rating 5

    My new favorite west coast oyster. Not too “complex” Perfectly briney, amazingly creamy, Bonus points: Easy to shuck (helpful when you’re doing 100’s) and pretty to look at zebra striped undersides. Keep up the good works ChelseaFarms!

  3. Rating 4

    A very good oyster, have tried several times over many months.

    Sweet start, mineral, briny finish.

  4. Rating 5

    One of my all time favorite oysters. Great flavor, good meats. Grown in “flip-bags” in Eld Inlet by the Lentz family. Some of my all time favorite people.

  5. Rating 4

    Stunning little tumbled Pacifics with a mouthwatering pickled-cucumber brine to them. The white, black, and purple stripes on the deeply scooped shells make them feel like jewelry (or Baltimore Ravens swag). Some seasons, the meats can be a little thin and watery, but the flavor is all there.

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