Shikat Bay

Shikat Bay

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Alaskan oyster raised by Den Chevaviroj in trays suspended from rafts in the deep waters of Shikat (she-cat) Bay in Southeast Alaska. Tumbled regularly for deep cups and strong shells.

Shikat Bay (6 Ratings)

  1. So fresh. So balanced. So delicious. The perfect balance between sweet and salty with a creamy texture and distinct clean seaweed finish. The range in sizes gives great flexibility in how they can prepared. We had the shooters with just a squeeze of lemon, the medium as Rockefeller and large in a chowder. All were perfect!

  2. Shikat bay oysters are so fresh that you can taste the pureness in them. So briny and juicy with a creamy texture and a cucumber finish. I love those small and medium size for eating them raw and bigger size for baking. I had them plain without any condiments as I love tasting the natural juice. Soooooo delicious!!!

  3. Shikat Bay Oysters were amazing! We received them in a day! We live 32 miles above the Arctic Circle; we were so amazed with how fresh they were! We ate them fresh, smoked some, and broiled them with different toppings. We definitely plan to order more in the near future! Filled our cravings to say the least!

  4. If there is one shellfish I can’t pass up, it’s a fresh oyster. Squeeze on a little lemon juice, and a few drops of Tabasco sauce, and slurp these suckers down. Briny and umami, oysters are a delicacy of the sea. There is an added bonus when shucking up this delicacy, it’s also sustainable. Oysters are filter feeders. That means they eat microscopic algae and nutrients that already exist in the water and improve the quality of the water by filtering it out. Since they don’t require any extra food or clean water, oyster farming is considered to be sustainable, with these coming from the unspoiled waters of Alaska, they are some of the purest ocean flavor umami I’ve ever had.

  5. Wow some amazing oysters here! I can definitely taste the care put into these beauties. Plump oysters, crisp liquor, not overly briny, mild mineral aftertaste and -so clean- through and through. Honestly I didn’t need any type of mignonette or cocktail or usual sauce I’d add on. Not even a sprits of lemon. Also recognized the beautiful flaky shells almost mimicking those from a delicate puff pastry. Best oyster I’ve had. Highly recommend! I’ve already been spreading the word within my own personal circle.

  6. Rating 4.5

    Right up there with the best oyster I have ever had. I love the deep cups and the delicate taste. The salinity and sweetness were perfectly balanced. We made an amazing cucumber, celery mignotte that complimented them perfectly but we also grilled them with a soy, ginger compound butter that was incredible with some of their larger ones. Love the different size options.

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