Glacier Point

Glacier Point

Halibut Cove, Alaska   View on Ocean Map

Grown in suspended trays by Greg and Weatherly Bates in Halibut Cove, pop 30, a Robert McCloskey-cute summer community across Kachemak Bay from Homer, Alaska. These are literally glacial-fed oysters, as glaciers surround the cove and pour their silt-laden waters into it all summer. Sea otters skulk around the oyster and mussel rafts at all times, pursued closely by orcas. The oysters are tumbled to polish the shells and deepen the cups. The flavor marries the strong brine of the Gulf of Alaska to the mineral meltwater from the Kachemak Bay State Park glaciers.

Glacier Point (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Its an absolute shame this isn’t a 5 star oyster on here. This oyster is perfect, medium cupping, salinity mild but the sweetness of the meat is just out of this world. It hits with just a touch of salt, then you get the crisp clean spring water flavor from the liquor, then the oyster comes in with a sweet almost umami flavor then finishes with a melon note that really just tickles your soul.

  2. Rating 5

    My gosh!!! These were the best oysters I’ve ever eaten! These things were so crisp, clean, plump and juicy! With an awesome melon like finish. Yum!

  3. Rating 4

    Good representation of west coast oyster. Medium salt, fruity melon taste. Medium cup. Recommended.

  4. Rating 3.5

    Pretty good, one of six was iffy. Very citrusy, briney finish.

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