Dabob Bay

Dabob Bay

Dabob Bay, Hood Canal, WA   MapOyster bars nearby

Classic, intertidal beach-grown Pacific oyster, with the curled lip and thick shell of the breed. Dabobs are among the saltier of Washington oysters, owing to their location near where Hood Canal meets the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

3 Ratings

  1. Rating 3

    These are fairly briny for a Pacific oyster with a nice light cucumber-y touch.

  2. Rating 4

    Suprisingly briny and tasty. Closest to an east coasy oyster as I have tasted here in Washington. My 4 year old grandson lovesloves them too.

  3. Rating 4

    I really like these oysters. I think part of it is because of my East Coast location and love of the brine in oysters. These are so far the briniest Pacific oyster in my experience and I think it really works well with the traditional cucumber/melon flavors of Pacific oysters.

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