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Wiannos are raised in two different locations across the span of the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod, not far as the crow flies but in two vastly different bodies of water. The ones in West Bay, a revered location next to the bluebloods of the oyster world like Cotuit and Osterville (aka “Oysterville”), are bottom planted for depth of flavor and shell strength, while the ones in Barnstable Harbor are kept in off-bottom cages.

Wianno (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Had Wianno’s last night – very nice deep cup for a smaller oyster – excellent flavor, medium brine, nice mouthfeel.
    Highly recommended

  2. Rating 3

    Full body, may address too much of Wianno, but it’s a sort of meaty group of oyster.

  3. Rating 3

    Just got in some Wianno and they are huge (could be described by shoe sizes…)! 100 count came in 4 mesh bags of 25 each… Way too big, in my opinion, for oyster bar work, but they do have a nice high brine level and are very meaty. I would guess one can get more select sized lots of these oysters so would be sure to check on that before buying.

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