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Watch Hill

Winnapaug Pond, Westerly, RI   View on Ocean Map

Famed oysters grown in off-bottom trays by Jeff Gardner in the knee-deep water of Winnapaug Pond, a breached salt pond on the Rhode Island coast protected by a barrier beach.

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  1. Rating 4.5

    Exceptional. Small but the flavor and texture is top notch. You just kind of shake your head when you have one. It must be a pretty special spot there on Martha’s Vineyard to be producing these little guys. They are very high integrity and offered the greatest sense of what an oyster is that I’ve gotten out of all I’ve tried to date. And the shells of these should probably be saved, crushed and sprinkled on your tomato plants!

  2. Rating 4

    A favorite, and I often get them right from the farmer. I agree that they are on the fragile side and never really get clean. This is probably due to the lack of agitation/waves in the pond and the shallow sandy bottom. Careful shucking yields a great oyster experience. I really prefer a light ale or a belgian saison with these. I think the bitter edge is a great compliment. A crisp white or some good sparkling is good too.

  3. Like the Conway Cup, I tried these at Grand Central Oyster Bar a few days ago and found them not as briny as I prefer. But, I like a lot of brine and I noticed that the oysters did not have much liqueur which may have come from how GCOB shucks?

  4. Rating 4

    Really nice meatiness. For whatever reason they put me in mind of California citrus fruits minus their acidity, and I won’t try to expand on that except to say that I’d probably have them with a very tart Belgian beer.

  5. Rating 4

    I really like these oysters for their brine and overall meatiness. We get them in frequently and they are very consitent in size and quality. From a shuckers standpoint, they are a bit muddy (even after the washing they get), and the shell tends to be a bit more fragile than some so a pain to shuck clean, but worth the effort.

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