Village Bay

Village Bay

Bedec Bay, New Brunswick   MapOyster bars nearby

Grown in suspended nets in the cold waters of Bedec Bay, then finished on off-bottom racks on the bay floor for shell strengthening.

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  1. Rating 4

    Just like getting a wave in the face my son said…brought back memories of active days on the water in NB…salty and not too sweet. No aftertaste!

  2. Rating 4

    Mild, more salty than briny, slightly sweet, slight corn flavor – like the flavor in mussels. Might prefer these as part of a dish to slurped straight up on the half shell.

  3. Rating 2

    These are dead ringers for Beausoleils, but the flavor wasn’t there. Very thin and mild. Then again, this was late-February, when most New brunswick oysters are completely off-line, so somebody gets credit for cutting through two-foot-thick ice to harvest these. I’ll give them another shot in late fall.

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