Tresor du Large

Tresor du Large

Magdalen Islands, Quebec   View on Ocean Map

Grown in off-bottom trays in 60 feet of water off Quebec’s isolated Magdalen Islands, way offshore in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Very rare outside of Quebec.

Tresor du Large (2 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    As Rowan said they are quite rare outside of Quebec, I was only able to buy some from the local fish market in Montreal. They are rather briny, but with firm meat and clean shell, compare to the ones in New Brunswick.

  2. Rating 3.5

    Had these this week at both Joe Beef and Maestro S.V.P. in Montreal. A real treat, as you NEVER see Quebec oysters outside the province. They have the small, teardrop-shaped brown-and-white shells of their New Brunswick kin, and a great reduced-chicken-stock flavor. The Iles de Madeleine are ultra-remote, pristine, lonely. Nice place to grow oysters.

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