Saint Simon

Saint Simon

Saint Simon Bay, New Brunswick   View on Ocean Map

New Brunswick oyster very similar to the famous Caraquet. La St. Simons are gathered wild as spat, grown out in bags staked to the bottom of La St. Simon Bay, and finished on off-bottom racks in the intertidal zone, which strengthens their shells and adductor muscles. They take 4-5 years to reach market size.

Saint Simon (2 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4.5

    Really nice, rich, small, meaty and delicious. Moderate salinity. A neat and sumptuous presentation on the half shell, just as pictured. I would normally choose a brinier oyster yet these were the only option, ordered in a restaurant. Really hit the spot. I’d definitely choose them again.

  2. Rating 5

    Deliciously saline and juicy but petite. Had these after Duxbury and before Ichabod Flats and these were clearly the winner. Hard to imagine a more perfect oyster to eat as an aperitif. (Ordered from Fresh Direct and shucked at home in Brooklyn.)

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