Rappahannock River

Rappahannock River

Rappahannock River, Virginia   MapOyster bars nearby

A low-salinity oyster grown in off-bottom cages near Topping, Virginia, a few miles up from the mouth of the river.

7 Ratings

  1. Rating 2

    Nice size, a little dull on taste

  2. Rating 3

    Smooth but a little chlorine

  3. Rating 4

    Always seem to have plump meat and have just the perfect amount of salt not taking away from the flavor!

  4. Rating 4

    Rappahannock’s harvested at the mouth of the river are juicy, sweet, and touched with saltiness.

  5. Rating 1

    Mild and lacking an exceptional texture. A hint of metallic finish.

  6. Rating 1.5

    Just tried these as well and have to concure with Northeaster that, while meaty, these are rather dull to my palate that likes some brine. That said, I have several friends that I think would love them based on the low salinity.

  7. Rating 1.5

    Just had my first few Rappahannock oysters and was not too impressed, not very briny and rather bland but maybe I am just wedded to the NE oyster. It was a meaty fellow with a very nice deep cup and firm meat, maybe life down there just isn’t rough enough to bring forth real character.

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