Peter’s Point

Peter’s Point

Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts   View on Ocean Map

Raised in off-bottom rack-and-bag gear, then bottom-planted in Fisherman’s Cove, right next to the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal in Onset, and hand-harvested once they reach market size. Shells are often a lovely green color.

Peter’s Point (2 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    Had at The Hourly Oyster House in Cambridge, MA on Oct. 6, 2017. Big brine, medium salinity, savory, grass, medium-firm. Had with three other varities, the best of the lot.

  2. Rating 4

    Petite, yet very pretty with those mossy green shells. These were still a little thin, owing to the long winter, but the flavor was spot-on, with a super-savory Atlantic brine. Sampled at Boston’s Island Creek Oyster Bar.

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