Pelican Reef

Pelican Reef

Cedar Key, Florida   View on Ocean Map

Tray-raised oysters from one of the first oyster farms in Florida, grown in a pristine Gulf Coast environment.

Pelican Reef (3 Ratings)

  1. Rating 4

    My first rating, so may need to adapt my thinking as I get exposed to more oysters…

    Grew up in central Florida and these “Cedar Key” oysters are one of my favorites. I would described as more than moderate, briny definitely, but very clean. Love ’em raw, smoked/grilled, and steamed!

  2. Rowan is right on. We just spent a week in Key West and the locals were serving up these excellent oysters. Meaty, not too briny and a creamy goodness. The big oyster house down there had the usual choice of all over oysters (even Kumamoto’s) but none compared to the “Cedar Key”.

  3. Rating 4

    These will blow the minds of anyone who doesn’t think the Gulf Coast makes great oysters. Beautifully shaped and striped shells, plump meats, and all the sweet-corn goodness of a Cape Cod oyster in late fall (yet this was March). The salinity was strong without being harsh, and the flavor was super clean. This, to me, is further evidence that in March and April, when northern oysters can be so skinny, one should look to the southeast first.

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