Onset (wild)

Onset (wild)

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts   View on Ocean Map

The rocky tidal areas around Onset see nice sets of wild oysters. These are harvested by fishermen. Distinctive bright-green shells and gray meat.

Onset (wild) (6 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Real oysters!

  2. Rating 5

    Heavier on the brine but extremely meaty and very smooth finish. Delicious oyster.

  3. Rating 4

    They told me where I got them that they were farmed… Deep cup, lots of meat, smooth and silky finish… Very nice…

  4. Rating 5

    Great flavor.

  5. Rating 5

    Makes me want linguine and some white wine – not that I would actually use these oysters to make pasta sauce (I guess if I had an unlimited supply I would), but they’ve got a full taste that’s the half-shell equivalent of a seafood pasta dish.

  6. Rating 4

    A truly wild oyster with a robust flavor you don’t find in cultivated oysters. VERY earthy and rich. The meats fooled me, because they looked thin and gray, but the flavor was all there. And the shells are so pretty. Grab these if you see them.

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