Murder Point

Murder Point

Portersville Bay, Alabama   View on Ocean Map

The only oyster on the Gulf Coast tumbled using the Australian longline system (the bags are hooked onto longlines so they flop around in the tides). The result is an unusually deep, smooth, and colorful shell, coupled with the Gulf Coast’s typically extra-plump meat. Raised just off Murder Point, whose name derives from some bad mojo between wild oyster harvesters long ago.

Murder Point (4 Ratings)

  1. Rating 5

    Living in Seattle, we had no exposure to these oysters until a recent trip East. The are crisp, sweet and slightly salty. Amazingly wonderful oysters!

  2. Rating 5

    One of the best oysters I have ever had, coming from a life long oyster lover descended from generational oyster lovers. They are beautiful, clean and with a fine sweet-mineral finish. Salinity is not pronounced, but it is there to taste unlike many gulf oysters. Murder Points are some fantastic oysters you should not hesitate to buy.

  3. Rating 5

    Had the pleasure to meet the farmers and taste them alongside several other varieties of Gulf oysters. The Murder Point oysters are a perfect balance of salty and buttery taste. They are plump and juicy. They are divine!

  4. Rating 5

    These are hand-crafted beauties that will challenge your assumptions. These are often harvested around 18-22 ppt, and plump up above the shell. Amongst the best oysters I’ve ever had.

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